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In order to govern the colony more effectively, the corporation Virginia Beach Map Tourist Attractions splits Georgia into the districts of Savannah and Frederica. 1742 The Georgia malcontents in Savannah elect Thomas Virginia Beach Map Tourist Attractions Stephens, son of the colony’s secretary, to be their agent in London. The younger Stephens launches blistering criticisms of trustee policies in the press and in letters to British officials, and he successfully lobbies for a parliamentary investigation of Georgia’s administration.

Stephens’s effectiveness as a representative ends in June when he is reprimanded and humbled on the floor of the House of Commons for impugning the reputations of the trustees. In Georgia, the colony’s future is threatened by a numerically superior Spanish invasion force that moves to capture Frederica as a prelude to marching on Savannah. Based on a combination of strong leadership, disinformation, and sheer luck, Oglethorpe convinces the Spanish commander that he must retreat to St. Augustine.

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