Visit Copacabana Tiwanaku La Paz in Bolivia

The Incas considered Copacabana to be sacred located in the southern part of Lake Titicaca Isla del Sol or island of the Sun is home to about families who rely on farming, and fishing.

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I’ve dreamed becoming Bolivian my whole life since. I was a child, and the lake is unbelievable we saw the local people, and their markets we saw them tilling soil the way they plant their flowers, and their crops the Incas believed that the Sun came down to this island, and gave birth to a child Manko copic who became the first Inca ruler more than ruins can be found on this island today. I’m sitting here and I’m strolling off and I was one of these things that.

I hope. I can hold the memory for many years it was a math cluster, and it was painted with yellow color. So the distance this temple looked golden.

I really didn’t know that much about Bolivia at all. So it was interesting to hear the history of Bolivia as a country, and of the people known as the world’s highest administrative capital La Paz short for nuestra senora de la Paz or Our Lady of Peace sits in the valley of the Andes with the tower illimani Mountain in plain sight, and just to see La Paz a city. So high, and the way, it’s constructed, and the people seem very friendly about miles west of la paz by the ruins of Tiahuanaco Andean scholars recognized this city as the capital of a significant pre inca civilization flourishing from eighty three hundred to eighty one thousand a journey through the heart of Inca civilization from Lake Titicaca to the colorful markets of La Paz, and honor keep on, it’s a great culture, it’s a wonderful culture.

I love the colca canyon. I really like this Lake Titicaca and I love seeing. How to keep ah. I’m in this trip combines to me everything that.

I like this andean adventure is waiting for you. I like the history of the Incas a lot. So go into the Sun island on the Bolivian side on the Lake Titicaca to me is a kind of like a special tree, and that’s where the Sun supposedly came down give birth to his child, and his child grew up there, and ended up in Bangkok up of the first king of the inca empire.

So going there the street going there, it’s very special to me Grand Circle Foundation is one of the reasons why. I love travelling with overseas adventure travel the idea of giving back to the people, and sharing some of their profit with the locals. I mean the kids within the schools.

I’m given the chance to the locals to interact with our people.

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