PACKING CHECKLIST You can buy almost anything you need in Shenzhen with the exception of Western larger size clothing and shoes. See Shopping Section for information on buying Western larger size clothing and shoes.

For the summer months, lightweight clothing in natural fibres is comfortable and a light jacket or sweater for spring and autumn is useful. Winter, particularly around Chinese New Year, can be quite cold and require a warm coat. From May to September is the rainy season but local umbrellas are so close to free that we have regular throw-outs.

Tips for ladies

For suggested clothes, a combination of comfortable clothes for sightseeing and smart casual for other occasions will be enough for Shenzhen. Sports shoes or sandals for sightseeing and walking are a must, particularly in the summer heat.

Shenzhen is not formal like the central business areas of Hong Kong but the locals are fashion-conscious. When you are dressed well, but not formally, you will be received well in stores and hotels. Upmarket restaurants and nightclubs may have a smart casual dress code.

For safety and to avoid pick pocketing it is best to leave your expensive watches and jewellery at home or in the hotel safe; ther is plenty of inexpensive fashion jewellery is available locally.

To avoid pick pockets, do as the locals do and choose a bag which is closed securely and worn in front or at the side. Backpacks are not safe from pickpockets, particularly for cameras and electronic items.


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