When Is The Perfect Time To Come To Thailand?

The best time to come to Thailand. The more that time passes the more things come up to keep you from coming at all; making the perfect time to come, yesterday! When I went back to the States to plan my trip I gave myself six months to save money, sell off my things and make the move. But with every day that passed and every person I spoke to I had ten new reasons not to go. It really angered me, as I knew in the bottom of my heart that this was a wise move and it would make me happy; however, every single person I told about my trip would shoot me down and give me reasons why I shouldn’t go. This list included people that really had no say in my life – even they gave me a hard time.

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One of my best friends for years pulled me aside and suggested I go on antidepressants or, at least, go see a shrink. Luckily, I was strong enough to ignore his advice. Other friends would try to scare me by talking about the dangers or bring up things that really didn’t matter right now but would still worry me. It seemed like everyone was against me. Every single person had ten reasons why I shouldn’t go and this was only for a three month trip at the time! It wasn’t even my family that was giving me a hard time – I hadn’t even told them yet – it was random acquaintances that I told just to be polite.

What makes me sad is, I’m sure, all of them were secretly hoping for me to fail; for me to either heed their advice and stay or, better yet, go to Thailand and come back with my tail between my legs saying it didn’t work out or wasn’t what I expected. Maybe, then, they would have felt better about their own lives. Thinking back, those same people that told me not to come four years ago, are their lives better off now than before? One of my best friends from college had many chances to come and I know for a fact that he would have absolutely loved it here.

He would have been happy as hell, as he loves Muay Thai even more than I do. But he had excuses: his parents need him to help out at their business once in a while, he has responsibilities. The funny thing is he thinks he’s somehow unique in his situation. But he’s not! He just never broke the chains of his overbearing parents . Looking at what he’s actually accomplished in the past four years: he had a business that did okay and he gained some valuable experience from that, he got to finally move to San Francisco (where he’s always wanted to live) and got to live in the heart of Los Angeles as well. He had a girlfriend for a while and even though it didn’t work out it was a good experience for him.

Now he’s working on another business which, hopefully, will be successful. He finally bought his dream car that he’s wanted since college but I can tell it doesn’t truly make him happy as it’s just a material thing. When it comes down to it, he’s now four years older, in worse shape physically, single and life is literally passing him by. If he had taken the savings he had when he started or when he sold his share in his first business and came to Thailand, he would today be in the best shape of his life, have a girlfriend and do what he loves doing – I know it. I have a feeling that he would have started a different business while he was out here, maybe something related to Muay Thai, which he loves. I also would have had one of my best friends here with me and together we would have been unstoppable.

My entire life I’ve always heard people older than me tell me how important time and my youth is and I’ve always ignored them – just like, I’m sure, 22 year olds do now when I tell them the same thing! But now that I’m 31 I absolutely know what they’re talking about. Our time and our youth are truly precious and it flies by faster and faster every year. Whatever your age is right now make the most of it and don’t waste another year hoping, dreaming or putting off what you really want to do. I don’t know what your personal situation is but I want you to think back on the last four years of your life and honestly ask yourself if you truly spent it wisely.

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