10 Best Things to Do in Thailand

Here’s my actual ‘To-do List’ that I wrote up for what I needed to complete
before leaving for Thailand:

10 Best Things to Do in Thailand Photo Gallery

Thailand To-Do List.

• Talk to JT about work

• Talk to Kee about lease

• Sell Miata

• Sell Lexus

• Breakup with Laura

• Open ING Direct or HSBC Bank Account

• Sell/give away extra stuff I don’t need

• Ship clothes and extra stuff to San Francisco

• Cancel stuff

• Cancel Netflix

• Pay off utilities – electricity, gas, AT&T internet

• Buy Thailand plane ticket

• Pack for Thailand

• Get Tourist Visa

• Fax OCTFCU to stop taking money from my WAMU Account

“I wish I could do what you’re doing Johnny”, my friends often say.

“Thailand looks beautiful”, “Work sucks, I’m so sick of this shit!”, “I hate my job. I can’t wait to go to Thailand”, these are phrases I hear all of the time from my friends back in the U.S. When I ask them why they don’t just come now, the reasons are always the same: it’s not a good time or they need to save up some money.

But here’s the thing – it’s never a good time to come! It’s like ‘Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle’, in a sense, where it’s impossible to have an abundance of time and money at any given time – you will always be lacking one or the other. So when is the perfect time to come to Thailand?

I have a friend, Simon, who hated his job and wanted to move and live out of the country. He was smart, he started saving and selling off his stuff. He had a plan to work for another year then live in Asia for the next two. But then, one day, he buys a motorcycle. I knew that was the beginning of the end to his dream. He found a hobby in the U.S. that he could now pour his energy, focus and savings into. Long story short, he never did end up moving to Asia – like most people don’t; with money burning a hole in their pocket – it’s human nature – they find a way to spend it !

Another friend, Chris, had a dream to move to Brazil to study Brazilian JiuJitsu for six months. He hated his job and still does, four years later. He said he had bills to pay and needed to save up money. In the meantime, he’s now four years older with even more responsibilities and his chances of moving and fulfilling that dream become ever more distant with each day that passes.

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