Dating Western/White Girls in Thailand

It’s ironic that I came all the way to Thailand not to date Asian girls. The nice thing about Thailand, though, is you get girls from all over the world and I’ve met far more English, European, Australian and Scandinavian girls there than I ever would have back home in America. You’ll meet girls at your Muay Thai/MMA gym but most of the time it won’t be anything more than friendship. If you do hook up, it’ll most likely be the girl that does the choosing. At most gyms there will be 10-20 guys for every 1 girl.

Dating Western/White Girls in Thailand Photo Gallery

Most of these guys are super fit and are from all over the world so the girl basically has a choice of who she wants to hook up with, including all the trainers and UFC Fighters who come to visit. Most of the time, the girl either feels self conscious about her sweaty body or she simply doesn’t want to hook up with someone at the gym and have everyone see it and talk about it; as a result, most girls that come train usually don’t hookup with other guys at the gym. While working at a scuba diving resort you’ll notice that 99% of Western girls are in long-term relationships. The reason is because they’re away from home and want some stability in their lives.

I had a girlfriend the entire time while working in Koh Lanta. We met during the first week we were both there – at a dive shop’s grand opening BBQ – and started hanging out. She was a sweet girl from Finland with a charming personality. There was nothing else to do on the island beside hang out, walk on the beach and take my motorbike to dinner. So that’s what we did most nights. We dated for around 7 months and we’re still friends to this day. Along with her new boyfriend she came to visit me at Scuba-Junkie in Mabul, which was a bit awkward at first but it was really good to see her again. Lotta and I in Kuala Lumpur on our Visa Run/Holiday Koh Lanta is a really beautiful island (and ideal honeymoon destination) but if it wasn’t for having a girlfriend living there it would probably have been the most boring place I’ve been to.

There was no movie theater, no mall and only a few restaurants that we would alternate between. It was in Koh Lanta that I developed the stupid idea to fly across the world to Utila in Honduras to do my instructors course. Part of the reason why I have ill feelings towards Utila is because I gave up someone really special to go there. She asked me not to go and instead stay a while longer – so I could join her on a trip to Bali and go diving in Mabul. I really liked her but ended up sticking to my original plan and went to Utila. I don’t know if I ever told her this but I regretted it as soon as I got there. Who knows what would have happened between us if I had stayed?

A year later I followed her same journey to Bali and eventually to Mabul, exactly where we would have gone together a year prior. Don’t tell her boyfriend this but, the moment I saw her again in Mabul (when she came to visit), seeing her smile once more, all the feelings that I used to have came gushing right back – for that first few minutes I wanted to steal her back. When I left Koh Lanta she cried and said the reason why it was so sad was because we were breaking up for no reason: we hadn’t fought, or disagreed on anything, and we were getting closer and closer each day. I even met her parents when they came to visit and got along with them great.

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