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In Phuket the temperatures are also similar; they don’t range much, it’s pretty hot all year and some months – like September – it rains a lot more often. Back home when it rains, it sucks! It’s cold, dark, depressing and uncomfortable. In Thailand it’ll likely still be hot and sunny when it rains and it’s refreshing most of the time.

It’s actually really nice to train Muay Thai while it’s raining outside. Since the gyms are indoor/outdoor it’ll be a lot cooler. You’ll hear the rainfall on the metal roofs and look out to see all the greenery get watered. Sometimes I’ve even ran out after practice into the rain to do pushups; it felt amazing and it was something I never would have done back home.

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Responsibilities, bills and other reasons you’re not here already. The best thing I did in preparation to come to Thailand, even just for that first three week trip, was the ‘Elimination’ chapter in the ‘4-hour Workweek’. My typical day used to consist of: waking up in a rush, hurry to work, picking up some fast food or Chinese takeout on the way to the office, showing my face and then checking my email. If nothing was too urgent I’d reward myself by browsing the internet, checking Facemy blog, personal email and wasting a few hours on various forums having arguments with 12 year olds about who would win in a fight, Bruce Lee or Georges St. Pierre?

Then it was time to browse the ‘deal of the day’ websites for things to order online. After lunch I would try to get some actual work done but most of it consisted of making calls, leaving voice mails, checking voice mails and updating excel spreadsheets. By the time I got home at night I would be too tired to go to the gym. The highlight of my day was coming home to another UPS package on my door step. It was like Christmas everyday especially since I’d often forget what I had actually ordered the week before. The weekends were reserved for: chores, relaxing, watching DVDs, going out to eat with friends and (a lot of) drinking, doing laundry, shopping, cleaning the apartment, paying bills, hitting the bars – all the usual things. Then I decided to stop doing all of it.

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