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Did you master any skills or hobbies ? For some of you your life may be better off because you stayed at home and worked towards what you are doing now. My sister, for an example, had a great productive last four years with her house, business, children and husband. However, I’m willing to bet that the majority of us didn’t really do all that much in the past four years. Sure, we traveled a bit but do 1 week vacations really count as seeing a country? We may have had a few relationships but, if they didn’t end up being the love of your life, wouldn’t it have been more exciting having a fling with someone totally not from your culture?

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The one thing I think about most every time I see someone in their youth is how good I would be at Muay Thai today if I had started at their age. Truly, nothing is a substitute or more valuable than time. In the past four years, since I first decided to come, I am in far better shape and overall more healthy – plus, I can kick my 27 year olds ass! I didn’t get married or meet the love of my life but I did learn what love feels like so I know what to look for now. I also had some really good long term relationships and also a bunch of really exciting flings, which I’ll talk about in Chapter 4. As far as languages go, my Mandarin, Chinese went from being really basic to being really fluent as a result of teaching scuba diving in Mandarin for a year. I also learned some basic Thai during that time and a surprisingly decent amount of Spanish.

I ended up living in most of Thailand, in Malaysia, in the Caribbean, spending a month in Guatemala and finally got to live my dream of living on a small, remote tropical island. As far as money goes, it’s a bit ironic but I’m technically richer now than I was four years ago as I paid off my student loans, car payments and have zero debt anywhere. Up until recently I always had at least $5,000US in my savings account, which I thought was perfectly normal until I found out even my ‘richest’ friends back home really live paycheck to paycheck. As far as a career, I’ve built something I truly love, a website that people actually read and look forward to visiting, and I finally wrote my first my blog.

In that time I’ve mastered scuba diving and become quite decent at Muay Thai. All in all, these past four years I’ve lived, learned and done more than I ever would have if I had stayed home – all while not racking up any debt, getting in better shape and making really good friends around the world. Even though most of you will plan to come for less than three months, I’m going to explain things with the idea that there’s a possibility you might come for longer; because, for most people, leaving their job and home for three months seems like such a big deal it might as well be three years. The second reason why I’m going to explain a lot of things with the mentality of longer trips is because many of you will end up either extending your trip while you’re here or planning another trip the minute you get home.

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