Amanpuri Phuket, Thailand

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Amanpuri Phuket, Thailand Amanpuri opened in 1988 at a cost of US$4 million. Despite being almost 30 years old, the famous resort is extremely well maintained.

Amanpuri is the flagship resort of Aman. Aman is widely regarded as the world’s most exclusive and luxurious. Transport within the resort is done by cute mini-cars. You can also walk around of course, although the resort is quite hilly. Amanpuri’s main pavilions are centered around. These pavilions house the lobby, the afternoon tea pavilion, 2 restaurants. Amanpuri is very popular with A-list celebrities Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Mick Jagger all.

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Amanpuri’s Pansea Beach is the best beach in PI. The beach is an unspoilt crescent of white sands and emerald waters I. This is pure paradise. The beach is one of my favorite hotel beaches in the world. Amanpuri has an excellent beach club. This corner, located within a protected cove down the stairs, caters more to couples. This is the second area of the beach club. It is more oriented towards families and has a small pool for children.

Amanpuri shares its beach with another hotel. Both hotels occupy a different corner of the spectacular beach, which is very private. I stayed in this pavilion during my stay. Room category: garden pavilion. Amanpuri also has a third pool, tucked away in the jungle.

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