Dating Thai Guys

I’ve met a lot of white girls that have Thai boyfriends and even husbands. One girl I know, a pretty Canadian girl, ended up marrying a local Thai guy who just happened to be her tattoo artist. They now have a child together and live permanently in Thailand. A lot of girls that come train Muay Thai end up with a Thai boyfriend, especially if they are staying for a few months (or longer).

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Usually white girls end up dating Muay Thai trainers/fighters, bartenders, or fire dancers. I can see why; they came to Thailand to experience a new culture, so why not hook up with a local while you’re there? If I ever went to Brazil you can bet I’d want to hook up with a local Brazilian – it’s no different for girls. The majority of the time girls are the ones that choose the guy.

You’ll be hit on by a lot of Muay Thai trainers but, at the end of the day, it’ll likely be the quite attractive guy in the corner that you’ll have your eye on. My only advice is to see what he’s like when he’s drunk first, before you commit, as a lot of Thai guys have drinking and jealously problems.


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