Zaleski State Forest Map Ohio

Located near Wayne National Forest in southern Ohio, Zaleski State Forest is in an area of hilly and occasionally steep terrain. Included are many ravines and hollows with streams, a lake, some caves, rock outcrops, and nice views.

Activities: The major trail here for backpacking and hiking is the 23-mile Zaleski Backpack Trail, which loops around the forest. There are also many miles of horse trails. Horses are not permitted on the Backpack Trail.

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Fishing is available, and hunting is allowed here in season.

Camping Regulations: Camping is restricted to three designated areas along the Zaleski Backpack Trail. A free permit is required, and available by.

Self-registration at the parking area. A maximum of one night may be spent at each site. Campfires may be built only in the fire rings provided. There's also a special campground for horseback riders.

For Further Information: Zaleski State Forest, Zaleski, OH 45698; (914)596-5781.

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