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1651 Peter Stuyvesant, seeking to divert fur trade from New 10 best US cities to visit Sweden, sails a fleet of eleven ships up and down the Delaware in a show of force 10 best US cities to visit . Though the population of New Sweden is greater than the resulting Dutch settlement, the Dutch presence continues to grow. The settlers build New Castle, which will eventually become Delaware’s colonial capital. 1655 An ailing Peter Stuyvesant mounts an expedition against New Sweden. Few shots are actually fired, but the superior Dutch force succeeds in intimidating the Swedish garrison.

The Dutch also persuade neighboring native tribes to raid Swedish farms. The governor of New Sweden leaves for Europe, as do some of the Swedish settlers, but many remain behind, free to practice their religion under the governance of the Dutch operating out of New Amsterdam. Under Dutch rule, the population of Delaware becomes more diverse, and it includes people from all over Western Europe, as well as African slaves. 1663 The main European settlement in Delaware, known as the City Colony so named because it is not under the jurisdiction of the West India Company, is a diverse blend of Dutch, Swedish, and Finnish settlers. The settlers farm grain, brew beer to sell to the growing population of Maryland, raise large amounts of livestock, and engage in trade with local Native Countrys for furs.

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