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In this post a complete guide to the best beaches in Mallorca. For beaches I don’t believe in top 10 list as the ideal beach can be different from person to person and your situation, so I will show you all the beaches in Mallorca worth mentioning, where they are, how they are like and some tips and tricks to make your beach day even better. and I will also include my personal top 5! Before I move on to the more unique and smaller beaches I quickly want to show and mention the biggest and most visited beaches in Mallorca. All of these are long white sandy beaches with all facilities you could like and most of them lined by restaurants, shops and bars. Most people will spend their holiday on these beaches while visiting Mallorca.

After that I will show you the hidden gems of Mallorca. In the South near the airport you will find the beach of Playa Arenal or Arenal beach near Playa de Palma. Further to the South-West you will find the 3 beaches at Palma Nova. Playa Porto Novo, Playa de la Nadela and the Son Matias beach to be very similar. Big and white sandy beaches, ideal for families with small children. Also here you will find the Magaluf beach, know for a younger and more party crowd. In the South-West you will find Platja de Santa Ponsa or the Santa Ponsa beach and in Paguera, the Palmira beach is also very similar. However the Palmira beach offers quite a bit of charm and relaxation compared to the first ones I just mentioned in Playa de Palma and Palma Nova who normally get much busier. All the way on the other side of the Island, in the North, you will find the beach of Alcudia to be like this as well. This beach can get very crowded and is very popular with tourists, there are little or no bars or restaurants right next to the beach here. In Can Picafort you will find the beach of Can Picafort also to be like that.

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The last beach like this is the beach of Cala Millor in, of course, Cala Millor. These are the bigger beaches in Mallorca, that are easy to reach and have all services most families who want for a great day on the beach. So what if you want a unique beach during your holiday in Mallorca. Well. you will be advised normally an excursions to or including Es Trenc, Formentor or Sa Calobra. And these beaches are nice but sadly in high season overrun with tourists. So most month I would advice you these beaches if you want to visit them on an organised excursion but would avoid them in June, July and August as they will get way to busy and lose much of the charm. If you are looking for a unique and authentic experience, none of the beaches mentioned before are right for you. In many case you will be best of renting a car to reach some of the following beaches to get away from the mass tourism in Mallorca. Some can also be done by bus or bike.

Cala Vinyes is the first beach I would like to mention. There are still a few hotels here but it is a very nice beach and especially popular with people from Magaluf and Palma Nova who are looking for a nice small beach nearby, however it does not often get crowded here. A bit further away you will find several nice beaches as well near Portalls Vells. These include Cala Mago and Caleta de Portalls Vells. The Playa Cala Blanca is within walking distance from Santa Ponsa but most people don’t know it is there so will never find it. This beach is pretty unique as it has a little beach club and diving board going right into the sea. There are several little “beach balconies” here spread out over the coast line and it’s also good to do some snorkeling here. The Cala Fornells Playa or Cala Fornells beach is just outside Paguera and about 30 minutes walking. However once more, very few people staying in Paguera find this beach as they choose to stay on the main beaches and don’t explore further. If you want to walk a bit further, the beach at Calo d’en Monjo is totally isolated and secluded, a great escape from the mass tourism in this area.

On the West coast you will also find some interesting small beaches but none of them are really worth the drive over there as many of them are very hard to reach. However, if you are visiting other things or towns in the West or North- Weste, you might want to head in the direction of Cala de Sa Costa Brava or also called Punta de sa Forada if you want an adventure and don’t mind a pretty big hike. This is one of the most secluded places to swim in Mallorca and there is also a great unique restaurant serving good and affordable food. In the North near Alcudia you will find the S’illot beach. This is a stone pebble beach with a nice island to explore and great place to snorkel round. There are also a few place you can jump of and do some minor cliff diving. just be careful and go where the locals go. Playa de Muro has often been voted one of the nicest beaches in Mallorca and I can agree why. Remember that the further you go away from Alcudia and more in the direction of Can Picafort. the better the beach in Playa de Muro gets. In the east you will find the beaches of Cala Mitjana and Cala Torta. They have pretty bad road going there, so just keep this in mind if you have a rentals car and don’t have the full insurance.

You can drive to either one and simply walk from one to the other over the mountain if you would want to do so. The Playa Romantica is a nice white sandy beach, especially great is the Coco beach bar here who has special barbeques ones a week in the evening. I would definitely advise going here for a unique experience. Its nothing fancy but also not expensive. Most of the time they have live music as well at the same time. Keep in mind that it’s best to reserve a spot in advance. Before I move on to the next beaches, keep in mind that picking the right day to visit any of these beaches is important. Many people on holiday don’t really think in days of the week but they do affect how busy the beaches get in Majorca. Especially on Sunday many beaches in Mallorca get much more crowded than normally and Monday might actually be the best time to go. Also on Friday many beaches get less busy as Saturday is the day most tourists leave the island to go back home and they often don’t undertake big trips or excursions the day before.

Also before driving to any of the beaches, you might want to check their webcam to see how busy the beach is and what the weather is like on that side of the island, as this can often be very different Most beaches in Mallorca can be found on webcam by simply googling it. Some beache I also want to advice are Cala Mesquida, the beaches at Puerto Pollensa and the beach of Font de sa Cala. If you are visiting the beach of Puerto Pollensa then go inside the harbor area and not to the main beach outside of the town. The beach inside the harbor area is much nicer and also has many little shops and lovely bars next to the water. Also at Font de sa Cala, don’t go to the main beach but more to the left you will find a lovely secluded little beach ideal for snorkeling. So I hope this post helps you have an even better holiday in Mallorca and don’t forget to comment for more great holiday advice covering Spain and other holiday destinations.

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