Visit The Selous Wildlife Reserve in Tanzania

Early and I walked down to the river to get a closer look these spectacular fliers are African skimmers looks like they’re doing some low-level formation flying fishing as they go a fish eagle unusually hunting from the bank. I think.

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This is just another fisherman story the one that got away this time looking up we saw hundreds of open build stalks milling around prior to roosting for the night these eggs we nearly trod on belong to the skimmers Laden just a shallow scraping on the sand bank daybreak being on the river at this time of day everything is just waking up as we drift slowly down the killer mirror with a power off we don’t disturb anything not even this family of Egyptian geese battling upstream against the current hippo are another story especially when they submerge they could easily come up under the boat, and capsize us these guys seem pretty relaxed just keeping a beady eye on us as we pass clearly no threat to them with. So much activity around, it’s hard to concentrate on the daily task keeping my journal up-to-date when elephants make a river crossing it isn’t just a crossing it becomes almost a social event rather like the are appearing they love water, and use the opportunity to bathe drink, and generally frolic, and enjoy themselves you and I would struggle to get up that slippery bank but the Ellie’s just taken in their stride although the younger ones need a bit of help in the mud the family bond is strong there’s always someone around to help the elephants in this area don’t see many people around usually only the game rangers. I guess the interest in us is just curiosity.

I suppose they’re wondering what we’re doing invading their space seemingly oblivious to the activity around them these gray, and Goliath herons concentrate on the serious business of fishing if we can find a place to land we’re going to try, and get a bit close to the earlies before they disappear in the long grass.

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