5 reasons to visit Chiang Mai on a golf Holiday

There are a number of reasons to visit Chiang Mai, in Thailand, for a golf holiday. However, with so many great things on offer, we have narrowed them down, to present the top 5 reasons to visit Chiang Mai for a golf holiday.

1.The Cool Weather

When thinking of Thailand, the majority of people think of it as a country with hot weather, throughout the year. Yes, many of the destinations, especially along the southern coastal regions of the country, enjoy hot weather all year long. However, in the northern regions of the country, such as Chiang Mai, the temperatures can be much cooler and this makes for perfect golf playing conditions. The city itself does experience a hot season, which tends to fall between March and June but with many of the golf courses being situated in the highland areas, even during this period, golf is very playable. For the remainder of the year, the temperatures are much milder and between October and February, there is very little rain, clear blue skies and temperatures fall to the mid 20’s. Therefore, if you are planning a golf holiday and live in the Northern Hemisphere, you could do a lot worse than choose Chiang Mai, which will not only be dry but also very pleasant, with perfect temperatures for playing golf.

2.The Unique Lanna Cuisine

Wherever you go in Chiang Mai during a golf holiday, you will never be disappointed by the food. From restaurants, cafes, street stalls, markets and barbeques, there is such a great choice, all of which is delicious. A particular speciality, which is a must try when visiting northern Thailand for a golf holiday, is Lanna food. This is food which originated from the ancient kingdom of Lanna, hence the name and is very difficult to find in other regions of Thailand. It is traditionally served around small, round tables and can involve a number of ingredients. Some of the best Lanna dishes include Khao Soi Curry, which is the most popular dish for visitors to Chiang Mai and Northern Thai Sausage, which is a local spiced pork sausage. Other Lanna food not to be missed includes Chilli Dips, Northern Pork Curry, Leaf Wrapped Bites and Northern Noodles. Lanna Food is comfortably one of the top 5 reasons to visit Chiang Mai for a golf holiday.

3.Exotic Hill Tribes

A visit to Chiang Mai for a golf holiday, would not be complete without sampling the exotic hill tribe culture. Situated to the north of Chiang Mai, there are a number of traditional hill tribe groups, living and working in the villages. By taking a trip to visit them, you can witness the tribe go about their daily business, such as weaving, cooking, sewing and taking care of their oxen. The children are very friendly and love nothing more than to play with visitors, which is an extremely enjoyable experience. The adults also enjoy talking to visitors, learning where they are from and it can be a very rewarding experience, both for the visitor and the tribes people. Do not miss a trip to sample the hill tribe culture, as part of a Chiang Mai golf holiday.

4.Superb Golf Courses

The main consideration when booking a golf holiday, has to be the choice of golf courses and Chiang Mai doesn’t disappoint. The majority of golf courses in Chiang Mai are located within 1 hour of the city and golf club staff are always friendly and helpful upon arrival. The mountainous terrain provides a spectacular backdrop to golf courses in this region of Thailand and there is unique scenery to enjoy at each of the 13 golf courses available. The golf courses mix international standard facilities and modern course maintenance, with local tradition and nature. Together, they provide a fantastic golfing experience. Many of the golf courses have won awards at regional, national and Asian level and continue to develop and expand their offerings. From newly designed golf courses, opened as recently as 2014, to classics which have been in operation for over 30 years, Chiang Mai has a superb choice of golf courses and never ceases to amaze those who come and enjoy a golf holiday in this area of Thailand.

5.Varied Nightlife

Another great reason to visit Chiang Mai for a golf holiday, is the thrilling nightlife. Whether you enjoy lively bars, strolling around night markets or relaxing in a quiet restaurant, Chiang Mai has everything you could wish for in terms of nightly entertainment. Why not join the locals by settling down next to the Ping River and enjoy a drink or visit one of the live music venues, of which there is a good choice every evening?Roof-top bars are a great way to enjoy a drink and take in the views and there are also plenty of nightclubs, for dancing and partying. In terms of nightlife, there is something for everyone in Chiang Mai.

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