Plan Your Wedding

DO keep the name short and sweet, and make sure guests know it’s your wedding. A title like We Fell in Love in Paris may sound good to you, but guests will have a hard time remembering it.

DON’T forget to make it useful. Sure, engagement pics and a how we met section are nice, but don’t overlook practical info.

Suggest local activities, eats and drinks, and send out important push messages like Remember to bring a sweater! DO choose a host site that guides you through suggested designs it’s too much work to start with a totally blank canvas. DON’T overshare. Avoid embarrassing stories and details that don’t pertain to everyone. Use a host that allows you to adjust privacy settings. DO make it social.

Especially for a destination wedding where guests will be spending several days together, let them get to know each other through fun features like a virtual guest book or champagne toast, where everyone can submit their well-wishes to you.

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