Akshardham Temple India

Delhi’s Akshardham Temple is a great combination of the union of many cultures. The ten thousand year old cultures can be seen closely here. This temple has got 20 thousand idols making it the biggest Hindu temple in the world. It has also been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest Hindu temple in the world.

It is spread over in 100 acres of land. The construction started in 2000, in November 2005 it finished and on 6th November, 2005, it was opened for the public. In eth whole temple steel and concrete has not been sued instead only three thousand tons of Pink Sand Stone has been used.

The temple is known for its outstanding sculptures also. It has got many beautiful idols and temples that leave one in awe. The main temple is 141 feet high, 316 feet wide and 356 feet long. The historical and famous God Swami Narayan’s sandals, kumkum, ornaments and clothes have been kept here.

Akshardham Temple India Photo Gallery

There are 500 statues of swans in the temple which are standing in a serving and devoting pose. Lord Swami Narayan’s life has been shown through various statues. The temple doors are the symbol of the ten directions. The Devotion Door has 208 postures of devotion carved. The Mayur (Peacock) Door Temple also has a welcome door. The door has got around 869 postures of dancing peacocks carved in it.

In the temple’s hall a robot show shows the basic moral values like dedication, kindness, non – violence, peace etc. in a very beautiful way. Other than this a 45 minute film shows the life of Lord Swami Narayan and Lord Shiva.

Another area has a boat trip in it which shows the visitors the ten thousand year old cultures and civilization. Through this trip one can come to terms with the invention of zero, the discovery of gravity, ancient geographical knowledge, saints – priests, warriors, cow herds, Ayurvedic knowledge, horse riders, olden times hospitals, shops etc.

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