Tirupati Balaji Temple India

Tirupati’s Venkateshwar Temple is a famous Hindu Temple. It is one of the important religious places for the Hindus. It is located in Andhra Pradesh. Annually millions of devotees visit this place. It is a living example of the great architecture of the southern India. There are controversies going on about this temple but one thing is accepted by all that is that by the 5th century this place had become a great religious attraction. The Chola, Hoysala and Vijaynagar kings have contributed a lot financially for this temple.

This temple is situated on the seventh peak of the Saptgiri Range called the Venkatadri. This is one of the reasons why the idol here is called after the peak’s name. This is one of those few temples of India which have their doors open for people from all religions. The idol of the lord is placed in the Grabha Grah. It is in the main temple. There are many beautiful small temples, doors and over heads built in the temple premises. It is said that the person visiting this temple is showered with the lord’s blessings.

The most important festival of Tirupati is ‘Brahamotsav’ and is considered to be the festival of happiness. This nine day festival is celebrated once in a year when the Sun enters Virgo sign.

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