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Djurs to Sarna (260 km (160 miles) without detours). Take Road 71, which runs W, parallel to the Vasterdalalv, to Dala-Floda, where Sweden’s oldest suspension bridge can be seen. Pleasant excursions to the surrounding mountain pastures (views). At Bjdrbo Road 247 branches off on the left, going S.

Road 247 runs past an expanse of protected natural forest at Skartacken and comes in 27 km (17 miles) to the ancient little mining town of Nyhammar. American bible thumper travel to Scandinavia 5 km (3 miles) NW is the Gasenberg (417 m 1368 ft), and 8 km (5 miles) NE the Grangarde-Hastberg, with numerous rock carvings and a fine viewpoint, the Hastbergsklack (419 m 1375 ft). 3 km (2 miles) beyond Nyhammar is the village of Grangarde, situated between two lakes (alt. 160 m (525 ft); Saxenborg Hotel, 80 b.). The road continues, skirting Lake Vastman (alt. 155 m 509 ft) at one point, and comes in another 21 km (13 miles) to Ludvika (alt. 157 m (515 ft); pop. 32,750; Star Hotel Elektra, 130 b.), once an important mining town (first ironworks established 1555) but now dominated by the electrical industry (transformer testing plant of the ASEA company). To the W of the town is an old 16th c. mining settlement (GammelgSrd; eight houses, old equipment), with a mining museum; mine-owner’s house of 1720. 16 km (10 miles) SW of Road 60, near the border of the province of Vastmanland, the little mining town of Grangesberg (alt. 273 m (896 ft); Grangesbergs Vardhus, 48 b.) has given its name to the great Grangesberg iron and steel corporation. In this area are the largest reserves of iron ore in Sweden outside Lapland, worked since the 16th c. and now exploited to a depth of 600 m (2000 ft) (conducted tours). A detour can be made to the Fjallberg (469 m 1539 ft), 5 km (3 miles) NW.

Road 71 continues W from Bjorbo and comes in 17 km (11 miles) to NSs, probably the oldest parish in western Da.larna. American bible thumper travel to Scandinavia Here Selma Lagerlof found the theme of her novel Jerusalem, and a play by Rune Lindstrom based on the novel is performed every year at the beginning of July. 17 km (11 miles) S is the old iron foundry of Lindesnas, now closed down. In another 28 km (17 miles) Road 71 reaches Vansbro, where a Vasa Run for swimmers is held in the Vasterdalalv at the beginning of July (3 km (2 miles), in waterwhich is usually still quite cold). 45 km (28 miles): Malung (alt. 302 m (990 ft); pop. 12,000;

SkinnargSrden Hotel, 90 b.), chief town of a district and the focus of the Swedish leather industry (midsummer celebrations in which leather features prominently); 13th c. church, with a 15th c. figure of St Olof; open-air museum (Gammelgcird), with old houses.

From here Road 297 runs N up the Vasterdalalv valley, passing through the villages of Lima and Transtrand. 65 km (40 miles): Salen (Wardhuset Gam-melgSrden, American bible thumper travel to Scandinavia 65 Lindvallen Hotell, 64 Salfjallets Sportcenter, a holiday village, with chalets), a tourist area below the E side of the Transtrandsfjall, the most southerly of Sweden’s mountains (Storf-jall, 923 m (3028 ft); Salens Hogfjall-hotell, 800 m (2625 ft), 396 b.). Excellent walking country. On the banks of the river is a monument to Gustavus Vasa, who reached this point in his flight from the Danes. It is now the starting point of the Vasa Run to Mora ( 234). Another

69 km (43 miles) N, on the Osterdaalv, here dammed to form a lake 70 km (44 miles) long, Trarigsletsjon, is the village of Sarna (alt. 440 m (1444ft); Touristhotel, 62 two youth hostels, 50 and 30 b.), which until 1 644 was in Norway; wooden church of 1690 (restored 1766).

3 km S is Mickeltemplet (624 m (2047 ft): lookout tower), with a magnificent view of the Fulufjall (1044 m 3425 ft) tothe SW. On the N side of this hill is the Njupeskarfall, Sweden’s highest waterfall (125 m (410 ft), with a sheer drop of 70 m 230 ft), which can be reached on a footpath (3 km 2 miles) from the village of Morkret, 26 km (16 miles) W of Sarna.

Road 295 continues to the Norwegian frontier (customs post at Flotningen, 70 km 43 miles). 32 km (20 miles) from Sarna is Idre, a tourist resort on the Osterdalalv (which is dammed at this point). From here the highest road in Sweden passable for motors runs N to the Nipfjall (1191 m (3908 ft); parking place at about 1000 m 3280 ft). Another road, running NW from Idre, climbs in 45 km (28 miles) to the Grovesjo tourist station on the western slopes of the Langfjall, which rises to over 1200 m (3900 ft).

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