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Every year, Arctic and Antarctica attract thousands of tourists from all over the globe. Fans of extreme sports, newlyweds, elderly couples, and other categories of tourists will find adventures to their taste here. It occurs because these places combine severe climatic conditions with beauty and purity of unspoiled nature.

Unlike Antarctica that doesn’t have permanent human settlements, the population of the Arctic is about 400,000 persons. These people lead a traditional lifestyle by hunting, fishing, etc. and don’t accept achievements of science and technology. Due to the fact that the climate of Arctic is warmer than the Antarctic one, it gives more opportunities for visiting, exploring, and traveling across this continent. Let’s review some of the most popular adventures of this area.

1.Dogsledding. A dog sled (also known as a dog sleigh) is a sled pulled by dogs; it is used to travel through snow and over ice of Arctic and Antarctic regions. It is probably the fastest and the most comfortable way to move across the continents. Strong, mighty, and hardy Huskies will take you anywhere you want. These dogs are well-trained and can pull sleds up to 200 km. Prices, terms, and conditions for dogsledding vary, and you can discuss them with your tour operator.

2.Whale Safari. These giants of ocean are a unique attraction in the Arctic, attracting hundreds of tourists and locals. The most common whale is the sperm one, but if you get lucky, you can see minke whales, humpbacks, killer whales, pilot whales, and dolphins. It is probably the only place on the planet that can boast such variety of whales. For this reason, if you visit the Arctic, don’t miss the opportunity to see this spectacle. The best time to go for the whale safari is in summer.

3.Hiking. It is probably the most amazing but complicated adventure in the Arctic. The Arctic Circle Trail is one of the most popular hiking paths in the world; its length is up to 124 miles (200 kilometers). Depending on speed, fitness level, and route, it takes about 7-12 days to cover. Meanwhile, you don’t need to spend so much time hiking; many companies offer one-day hiking trips. It will be enough to enjoy the Arctic nature. This adventure is perfect for wilderness seekers and nature lovers.

4.Kayaking. This one is the most popular activity and the most amazing way to explore Arctic and Antarctic coastlines. Many polar expedition providers like Poseidon Expeditions offer this activity to their travelers. Due to severe weather conditions, kayaking requires preliminary preparation and special clothes.

Don’t forget to take:

 A windproof, waterproof, and breathable jacket and trousers
 A fleece jacket or vest to wear under the waterproof
 A turtleneck
 Thermal underwear jacket (don’t wear cotton clothes)
 A warm fleece hat
 Neoprene gloves
 Thick socks
 A waterproof bag

 Sunglasses

The rest of equipment will be provided by a tour operator. Furthermore, kayaking in polar areas involves some potential risks, so prior sea kayak experience and sufficient physical fitness will be helpful.

As one may note, both the Arctic and Antarctica can offer many interesting and exciting adventures. However, it is important not to forget about your safety. In order to prevent risks, it is better to choose a reliable polar expeditions provider who knows how to keep your journey safe and smooth.

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