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Argentina’s colorful – RS, and thundering iguazu falls with a few extra days what can be experienced in all this raw natural beauty perhaps a wilderness trek through the semi tropical rainforests of iguazu National Park the discoveries for today are many the what the waterfall is a really a breathtaking dysentery or a panoramic view from the Brazilian side of the falls, and a visit to the argentinian side to witness up-close The Devil’s Throat Buenos Aires a european-style City with South American flavor today we are going to explore the Argentinian side of a waterfall. So we’re gonna be in the iguazu national park visitors are greeted by coitus the friendly animals that reside in the park coati what we don’t have an english word for this animal. So watch it my hope for today is to see the lovely beautiful orchids the unusual plants that.

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I have never seen before this subtropic area is going to bring. I think a lot of new experiences apart from its unusual flora the park hosts numerous rare, and threatened animal species such as the Jacare caiman, and the wild Oh se Lotte look Jay attention, and duck tree. I’ve seen birds this morning.

I’ve got four Birds that. I’ve never seen before that I’ll put on my life list a short train ride through the jungle leads travelers to discover a place that’s been described as one of the new seven wonders of nature when First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt saw Iguazu she is said to have cried poor Niagara she was right this waterfall is twice as wide, and sixty-five feet higher than Niagara Falls landscape, and the view comparing with other waterfalls in the world is completely unique completely amazing, and that is why people from all over the world came to see this paradise when translated from the native Guarani language the name Iguazu means large water. I think the water is very beautiful, and very calming about half the rivers flow falls into a long, and narrow chasm called The Devil’s Throat it was raining all day mist rises to well over feet here comes another one.

I’m good. I’m wet, it’s amazing a full panoramic view of iguaz can be seen from Brazil across the border, and on the other side of the falls at the base of the falls the water becomes the rapids of the Iguazu River Canyon you nestled in the foothills of the Patagonian Andes now el huapi nationalpark is the oldest in Argentina. So.

We’ve been hiking. We’ve been seeing animals that don’t usually come out we have great guide, and white ARF is the back of the condo oh the sky here is. So blue, it’s almost purple blue.

I didn’t imagine would be. So many different kinds of trees not the Fargo’s, it’s a Janis that, it’s going to be inside in the southern hemisphere walk the bustling streets of bariloche, and stop to experience. How this German influenced town crafts its micro brewed beer in the assumption the NY fire is started for like a foamy, and in the my father, and Bill revolution on the place, and tried a factory under Westerner spend a little more time in Buenos Aires, and soak in the city’s lively culture particularly in the book at district discover Argentina’s breathtaking natural wonders, and pulsating city life.

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Brazil South America’s largest country, and a region of jaw-dropping diversity home to the Amazon and,, species of birds, and mammals from the coastal port of Rio de Janeiro to the Pantanal the largest tropical wetland in the world as to the range of people in Brazil today imagine who might you meet here well off the beaten path is the up concent a community service center the goal is to keep children off the streets, and to prepare, and teach them the teamwork, and discipline they will need for the next step in their lives with this foundation of experience the children embrace opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them practicing to perform with a professional circus or training to compete on a Brazilian Olympic team or join an innovative dance company in a culture where a variety of dance has deep deep roots this martial art form known as capoeira emerged in the th century when slaves had a need to mask the skills of self-defense learning to fight was punishable by death but in the form of dance the same basic movements could be mastered you.

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