Baltics Cruise

You embarked on a voyage along the coasts of the Baltic Sea a maritime region deeply anchored in northern European history travel through the seascapes of medieval cities, and coastal villages on our small ship the Corinthian from the trade ports of Gdansk to the fortresses of Estonia experience visby the city of ruins, and roses on the island of gotland over medieval churches, and hundreds of roses decorating the streets take a tour of st.

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Petersburg, and marvel at the handiwork of local birch bark craftsman experience the past today on your trip to the Baltics from your hometown. You’ll set out on a journey of discovery fly to Copenhagen where. You’ll meet your program director, and begin your journey with an exploration of Denmark’s capital city.

You’ll then board are privately owned small ship, and set sail along the Baltic coast with ample time to explore hina on the rocky island of bourne home before a visit to the Polar Sea ports of Gdynia, and Gdansk then cruise to Sweden’s Auckland island, and visit the medieval city of this be a unesco world heritage site before continuing on to the baltic states of latvia, and estonia along this part of the baltic coast. You’ll discover Rica a dazzling city of Art Nouveau architecture, and Talan a waldport dabbled with stunning fortresses castles, and cathedrals. You’ll been stopped in beautiful st.

Petersburg, and elegant helsinki finally. You’ll cruise back to Sweden where your disembark in Stockholm the country is capital city on this journey. You’ll delve into European history, and culture explore the Polish shipyard in Gdansk we’re late for Windsor later the second President of Poland led the uprising against the communist regime steal away through the decadent streets of st.

Petersburg including visits to st. isaac’s cathedral the hermitage museum, and the magnificent peterhof palace save her a taste of Finland as you spend time in the capital Helsinki a seaside city known for its unique architecture abstract monuments, and bustling market squares.

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