Hampi – Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary

One of the major highlights of a Humpty trip in December 2018 was the sighting of Indian sloth bears at the very popular Daru t-slot bear century it is the first Laurel century in Asia, and the only century in North Karnataka before we get started if you are new to this blog, and have not commentd it yet then please comment our blog India homo to get notified of our future post uploads now let’s dig in located in the neighborhood of the world heritage site humping dirty floor bears century is around eighteen kilometers from the hampi ruins, and we couldn’t have afforded to miss visiting this century a jungle lodges, and resort property in hampi mayn’t hampi heritage, and foil dinners Resort is the best option for a state to explore the already slaughtered century the centuries just 14 kilometers from the resort, and the trip to de roda sloth bear century is included in the stay package no mercy from Team India groom oh it’s loretta, and camel it’s 3:30 p.m.

Hampi – Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary Photo Gallery

right now, and we are going to the Darwin slot fair century which is 14 kilometers from hampi heritage, and Val Venis Resort located in hompage this my life century is specifically set up for endangered sloth bear species let’s go dartie god best century comes under the governance of Camela provide life subdivision of the Karnataka forest department, and the major attraction here is the slot bear the eight kilometer drive through the dried acid or scrub forest with rut terrain, and boulders is unique in its own, and one can spot the number of bird species over 100 species of birds, and 27 species of butterflies have been identified in this century a 45 minutes drive into the century takes you to a watch star compare bells can be seen a friend. So we have reached a slot where century, and this is the way to watch star from there we are going to get a better view of the pair around.

So let’s get inside janam mein Taoiseach met humpy editors, and welders post jingle lodges, and resorts when we come Colonel Trevor one kid is a juvie visitors a day one good that otk parameter a novella widely skip areia or either a novella purse caper mm way did not apply intermission they tear it down you place kilometer OG bath century yeah Amara you shake, and cut first bear century okay either okay, I’m cool yeah eat food white one IFRS department Logan a Joe visit us at a we’ll go one or two siting on a kiddie it is a 300 meter K distance by eight-foot point Cove Anaya or Amarra I get a novella is watched a work of Inayat Joe visitors are table ago four separate Canisius Alvin animals cook diagonally a watched over spoken III okay he does approximately 140 Scott narration 82 square kilometer K under approach were 340 slash BSA out seven leopard a jackal while both China Oh amorous Latvia return to 35 animals with of easy reserve Rosa when we reach top of the tower we saw around five to six bears on the opposite hillock the Forest Department has created a food point at 300 meters distance range from the char where every day at noon the Forest Department staff sneer add jaggery preparation over the flat boulders the Bears get attracted towards the jaggery preparation, and come off from the caves to taste the jaggery this arrangement makes it easier for the tourists to watch bears in the natural habitat the best timing to watch them is between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.

So make sure you are at the car between 3 to 4 p.m. it’s recommended to carry a pair of binoculars or a zoom in camera to watch the Bears enjoying jaggery on the opposite hillock, and later wander off in different directions with our binoculars you won’t get good view of the Bears wanting. So many bears at one place was thrilling, and delightful at the same time the wad style offers a breathtaking view of the beautiful century, and one can easily spend some time quietly reading the bears while enjoying the cool breeze the centuries also home to seven leopards check all white bow, and Heine these five animal species including sloth bears can be sighted at duru – Claudius century after spending some time at the watch star, and reading the beautiful sunset view at 6 p.m. we made our way back to the resort if you are in hampi make sure to visit artists or their century staying at hampi heritage, and by genesis thought would be the best option. Because only jungle lodges has access to the scenic route which goes through the scrub forest you will enjoy to drive through the forest, and reading the sloth bears for sure hope you found this post useful give it a big thumbs up leave us a comment down below share the post with your friends, and please comment our blog India como for more travel posts click on the following links for more posts on this blog thanks for reading.

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