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For patterns wee have that first of our Saviour whoe out Baltimore Subway Map of his good will in obedience to his father, becomeing a parte of this body and being Baltimore Subway Map knitt with it in the bond of love, found such a native sensibleness of our infirmities and sorrowes as he willingly yielded himselfe to deathe to ease the infirmities of the rest of his body, and soe healed theire sorrowes.

From the like sympathy of partes did the Apostles and many thousands of the Saintes lay downe theire lives for Christ. Againe the like wee may see in the members of this body among themselves. 1 Rom[ans]. 9. Paule could have been contented to have been separated from Christ, that the Jewes might not be cutt off from the body. It is very observable what hee professeth of his affectionate partaking with every member; whoe is weake (saith hee) and I am not weake? whoe is offended and I burne not; and againe, 2 Cor[rinthians]. 7. 13. therefore wee are comforted because yee were comforted.

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