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A tradition already established during his lifetime had Constantine, after a vision, place the Christian monogram on his soldiers’ shields before the battle as a guarantee of victory under the sign of Christ. The meaning of this gesture whether it was truly a “conversion” from his previous sunworship to Christianity is hotly debated, but from then on he always favored the Christians, as is proved by the regulations issued immediately afterward, in 313, by the sole remaining emperors, Constantine and Licinius, in favor of freedom of worship the so-called Edict of Milan. The agreement between the two Augusti did not last long: after initial hostilities in 314–316, which ended in Constantine’s favor, Licinius was finally defeated in 324, first at Adrianople and then at Chrysopolis, and forced to abdicate: Constantine thus became sole Augustus of the empire, in a universal monarchy that expressed on earth, on the theological-political plane, the celestial monarchy of the one true God; in this sense his victory over Licinius was also the victory of Christianity, a punishment for the Eastern Augustus’s policy of persecution.

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1666 George Alsop, a former indentured servant from Baltimore County Bangkok Map Tourist Attractions , publishes A Character of the Province of Maryland. The pamphlet describes Maryland as a land of Bangkok Map Tourist Attractions plenty, which in some cases is true, but overlooks the miserable lives of many of the colony’s indentured servants. Also in 1666, in the midst of a severe tobacco price crisis, Maryland and Virginia planters agree to cease planting tobacco for a full year, hoping that ridding the market of excess tobacco will raise prices to an acceptable level. Governor Calvert is behind the plan, but Lord Proprietor Calvert vetoes the agreement. 1672 George Fox, the founder of the Religious Society of Friends, oversees a number of Quaker meetings in Maryland. Eventually, Quakers, renowned for their sobriety and honest dealing, will make up an important component of the colony’s merchant class.

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