Barbados is quite British. It sits about two hundred miles north and to the east of Trinidad. Its population of 300,000 crowds the 166 square-mile island, which depends upon sugar and tourism for its livelihood. Mostly flat, the Caribbean side has some beautiful, calm beaches, Sandy Lane being the most lovely. There is an eighteen-hole golf course at Sandy Lane and such spectator sports as cricket, polo, auto and horse races, and horse shows. The harbor of Bridgetown, the country’s capital, is a postcard scene of the harbor police dressed in eighteenth century sailor costumes. A botanical note: Barbados is home for the Barbados Cherry, several times as rich in vitamin C as the orange. Tourism produces about $270 million; sugar accounts for $35 million. All is not as tranquil as advertised. Theft is up. Some beach boys do more for women visitors than provide towels and sun lotion.

Barbados Photo Gallery

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