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Where to Stay in Ravello SA, Italya

Belmond Caruso enjoys the most spectacular location. The hotel is suspended between the sea and sky above Italy’s famous Amalfi Coast. The hotel occupies a former medieval palace in Ravello. A few impressions before starting my grand tour of this PHENOMENAL property. Getting to the hotel requires a drive via the Amalfi coast The Amalfi Coast is widely considered to be Europe’s most scenic stretch of coastline. The road winds along the cliffs of the Sorrento peninsula. Go to 3’30” if you want to skip the scenic drive and directly arrive at the hotel. The road is famous for its vistas and hairpin bends.

Belmond Hotel Caruso Reviews – Map of Ravello SA, Italya – Where to Stay in Ravello SA, Italya Photo Gallery

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It stretches 50 km (30 mi) between the cities of Sorrento and Amalfi, south of Naples. The highway passes through picturesque villages. Positano, one of Italy’s most romantic villages, clings precariously to the mountains. The hotel is located in the magnificent village of Ravello. Ravello is even more romantic than its coastal neighbours Positano and Amalfi. Arrival at the hotel in the ‘center’ of Ravello. Ravello is a very small village located in the mountains above the town of Amalfi.

The palace fell in and out of ruin during the Middle Ages. By the 16th century, it had been completely rebuilt, with the addition of splendid gardens. The hotel belongs to the portfolio of Belmond (previously Orient Express) is one of the world’s. Belmond acquired this property in 2000. The hotel was remodelled and upgraded before it became a Belmond property. The restoration took four years. I give some details on the restoration later in this clip. The Belmond Hotel Caruso officially opened in 2004. The property achieved instant world-wide fame as Italy’s most exclusive hotel.

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Tour of the main lobby. Entering the lobby is like a journey back in time to the Renaissance area. Belmond Hotel Caruso features a classic decor. Marble hallways, Norman arches and floral displays adore the property. The lobby’s floor features impressive mosaics. Italian Fine Arts authorities were involved in the property’s restoration in the noughties. The decor was created by designer Federico Forquet. He introduced modern elements without losing the authenticity of the palace itself. Beautiful frescoes adorn the The frescoes were revealed during the restoration by art. Antonio Forcellino. The views from the hotel are incredibly spectacular. The hotel is the best place in Italy to lose yourself in the view over the Mediteftctn.

A couple of salons are located adjacent to the lobby. One of these salons features a pc workstation while another one houses a boutique shop. Here, guests are greeted by magnificent frescoes. The frescoes feature flowers, cornucopias, Arcadian scenes, cameos, goddesses and nymphs. Belmond Hotel Caruso is an intimate property. It features 50 rooms and suites, skilfully incorporated in the palazzo’s intrinsic personality. I stayed in this enormous suite (#208) during my visit. Room category: deluxe suite. The suite features subtle neo-classical references. These include lamps shaped as urns. The marble bathroom comes with fluffy slippers & robes.

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It features a separate shower cubicle, bathtub, bidet and double vanity basins. The complimentary toiletries are very exclusive. Plenty of Bulgari and Penhaligon’s bath goodies are provided. The suite features a unique outdoor sh. It comes with some more Bulgari and Penhaligon’s toiletries. Let’s take a tour of the property’s communal areas. This is the hotel’s tasteful library, located on the first floor above the lobby. The palace features a labyrinth of corridors and salons. Let’s delve a bit further in the property’s history before it became a Belmond hotel. The palace first opened as a hotel in 1893.

The hotel was owned by Pantaleone Caruso, a hotelier and vineyard owner. The hotel was first called Pensione Belvedere. The name was later changed to Hotel Caruso Belvedere after its owner. In 1903, the hotel featured in a New York Times article. It inspired many wealthy Americans, overwintering on the European rivieras, to visit. After World War II, the hotel was run by Caruso’s sons. They further built on the hotel’s reputation as one of the world’s best hotels. Both the salon and bar feature magnificent frescoes. The colorful frescoes date from the 18th century. The so-called Bubbles Bar is located near the gardens.

Here, you can sip your drink in a beautiful, informal setting as relaxing music sets the scene. The gardens have been 100 years in the maki. They comprise a collection of terraces and scented walkways. The pool area is located at the hotel’s highest point. As you’ll soon see for yourself, it’s one of the world’s most spectacular infinity pools. The pool – built in 2005 – appears to be suspended over the Amalfi coastline. Clay pots filled with pink and white flowers decorate the stone-tile deck. The pool is nicely sized. The views, gardens and pool are drop-dead gorgeous. Some more impressions before continuing this tour of Belmond Hotel Caruso …. The pool is at its most beautiful around sunset. The mountains of the Sorrento peninsula reflect in the water. The restaurant succeeds at providing a dining experience which surpasses the view.

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