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Who wants to visit Italy and to take this opportunity to discover the cultural sites and the most famous monuments of the peninsula, should definitely start his discovery from Tuscany, the region of central Italy that more of the others encompasses the beauty of the architectural works , and monumental paintings produced by artists of past centuries famous and recognized all over the world. About this it can be very useful the Livorno tour, a tour that, starting from the Tuscan coast, offers easy access to major attractions in a short time. In this sense the city of Livorno is particularly strategic. Its proximity to other areas of interest such as Florence, Pisa and many other neighboring villages can reach churches, monuments and traditional markets in few minutes. Livorno tour is often recommended for those tourists who visit for the first time Italy and arrived here via a cruise.

When the beauty of the places we can associate a well-organized tours in every detail, personally supervised by local people who know everything they are talking about and who wish to satisfy their customers to the best of their ability, that which results from a trip of discovery but also of fun and pleasure, pampered by experienced, discreet, extremely friendly and ready to meet any particular customer request.

In this way to visit a place rich in history, culture and tradition becomes a way to learn so much about different ways of life from their own feeling, however, always at home. When you choose to take a tour in places that you do not know at all or very little, it is necessary to rely on people not only expert but who know your language and can explain to you all that observe churches, museums and architectural works so that the discovery is not only visual but can be lived fully.

But what should move you choose to take a tour Livorno? Very simple: the beauty and culture of the places. From Livorno you will be able in a few minutes to get to Florence and to visit here a real open air museum, Campo dei Miracoli, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, famous building in the world for its particular slope to today it remains for many an architectural experts fascinating mystery, the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most important museums in the world and finally the typical markets of Florence, a way to get to the heart of the Tuscan culture by observing and maybe buying small precious objects made in hand with care and dedication.

The beauty of organizing a tour like this supported by experienced people who know these places is to be able to choose with extreme flexibility how to customize your Livorno tour to make it perfect for your personal needs. This means adding or reducing the number of places of interest to see, change some stages by decreasing the time you visited or even increasing it. All is possible when you have the desire to discover new places, full of magic and charm, and when you let support by a staff specialized in making real your dreams.

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