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Tortured and flogged, they remain unhurt; they pray to the Lord and provoke the magistrate, who seeks to convince the without-a-god, the Christian atheists. Chained and thrown into the sea, they are saved by an angel. Accused of casting spells, Cosmas reacts strongly and reaffirms his belief in Christ. The pagan says he is ready to follow them, and two demons slap him; afraid, he asks help of his victims, who free him. After dramatic confrontations, the protagonists are returned to jail. The next day, the new magistrate Lysius, irritated by their prayers and their refusal to sacrifice, orders the pyre lit: a sudden earthquake causes the flames to burn the pagans instead. Other tortures are followed by angelic interventions and prayers until, in a dramatic crescendo, they are crucified and stoned by the crowd; the stones and arrows fall on those who launch them. They must resort to decapitation, and all of the brothers return to God.

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Combined with this inclination was a desire to establish not a social and cultural democracy, but rather a gentrified society. Belo Horizonte Map Tourist Attractions Thus, Winthrop hoped to actualize in the Massachusetts Bay Colony the ideal of a somewhat benevolent oligarchy in which each individual had a role to play within the social hierarchy.

While all levels of society, Winthrop believed, would necessarily be interdependent, there was no question in his mind but that each person should accept his or her prescribed place and perform his or her prescribed duties within the hierarchy. By 1645, with the Massachusetts Bay Colony well established in the new land, Winthrop could comfortably write on the differences between natural and civil liberty, saying that the latter could be maintained and exercised in a way of subjection to authority. However, by that time, Winthrop had been defeated in two gubernatorial elections by colonists who found his methods arbitrary and unacceptable. In addition, the rising importance of Boston as a seaport contributed to the decline in popularity of Winthrop’s ideas. As commerce and contact with the world outside the Massachusetts Bay Colony grew, so too did the colony’s worldview. Such exposure rendered Winthrop’s ideology largely obsolete by the end of the decade, and, by the time of the governor’s death in 1649, the once-despised notion of dissent was becoming increasingly linked in the popular mind to the concept of progress. John Winthrop’s Journal offers scholars interesting information on early Massachusetts history, as understood by a man who helped shape much of it. Yet even without reading the written text left by Winthrop, it is clear that his influence pervades much of what Countrys have come to consider their heritage.

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