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France has a well-developed road system, about 420,000 miles of it, with superhighways, toll roads, between Paris-Lille; Paris-Lyons; Paris-Normandy; Lyons-Marseille; Esterel-Cote d’Azur; and Orange-Narbonne. Driving is on the right-hand side of the road. Yellow head lamps are compulsory on French cars. There is no overall speed limit in France, but on most roads the speed limit is 110 kilometers per hour (sixty-six miles per hour).

The TGV is in the same tradition for the French as the Concorde lots of speed. In fact, TGV trains are the fastest in the world. There are eighteen round-trips a day between the Gare de Lyon in Paris and Lyon, France’s second city in population. The trip takes two hours and ten minutes to cover the 266 miles. Geneva, Switzerland, takes three hours and a half; Paris to Lausanne, three hours and thirty-six minutes.

History of France: Brighton is also a shopaholic’s paradise; besides the Best countries to visit in may usual chain stores, you will find some 700 independent shops offering everything from kinky boots to fetish Best countries to visit in may chocolate cake. But Brighton does have its darker side. Its growth in popularity as a resort, helped enormously by the arrival of the railway in 1841, produced its own social problems and tensions. It is perhaps not surprising that many restless souls, perhaps as a result of their tragic or untimely deaths, continue to create chaos and mayhem among the contemporary populace in such diverse places as department store basements and BBC broadcasting offices. With a due sense of fear and trepidation you begin your walk at the Royal Pavilion on the corner of Marlborough Place and Church Street. In 1815 the Prince Regent appointed John Nash to build a palace to effectively replace the simple Marine Pavilion by Henry Holland, and the Royal Pavilion was the result.

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