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The fares below are one-way for adult foot passengers unless otherwise noted. Though standard round-trip fares are usually just twice the one-way fare, fixed- period returns (usually within five days) are almost invariably cheaper. Ferries run year-round unless otherwise noted. Bikes are usually free, although you may have to pay up to UK&10 in high season. For a camper/trailer supplement, you will have to add UKS20-140 to the with car fare. A directory of ferries in this region can be found at

P&0 Stena Line: UK®087 0600 0611; from Europe, call UK® 130 486 4003; Dover to Calais, France (l’Ahr. 30 per day, UK£24).

Hoverspeed: UK ®087 0240 8070; Dover to Calais (35- 55min. every hr. UK£24) and Ostend, Belgium (2hr. 5-7 per day, UK£28). Newhaven to Dieppe, France (21/4-41/4hr. 1-3 per day, UK£28).

DFDS Seaways: UK®087 0533 3000; Harwich to Hamburg (20hr.) and Esbjerg, Denmark (19hr.). Newcastle to Amsterdam (14hr.); Kristian- sand, Norway (19hr.); and Gothenburg, Sweden (22hr.).

Brittany Ferries: UK ®087 0366 5333; France ®08 25 82 88 28; www.brittany-fer- Plymouth to Roscoff, France (6hr.; in summer 1-3 per day, off-season 1 per week; UK£20-58) and Santander, Spain (24-30hr. 1-2 per week, round-trip UK£80- 145). Portsmouth to St-Malo (83Ahr. 1-2 per day, ‚23-49) and Caen, France (6hr, 1- 3 per day, ‚21-44). Poole to Cherbourg, France (4Vihr. 1-2 per day, ‚21-44). Cork to Roscoff, France (13y2hr. Apr.-Sept. 1 per week, ‚52-99).

P&0 North Sea Ferries: UK ®087 0 29 6002; Daily ferries from Hull to Rotterdam, The Netherlands (13^hr.) and Zeebrugge, Belgium (14hr.). Both UKE38-48, students UK£24-31, cars UK£63-78. Online bookings.

1718 The French found New Orleans on the Mississippi River. Best foreign countries to visit 1727 George I dies. George II is crowned King of Great Britain. 1733 Georgia is founded Best foreign countries to visit by James Oglethorpe as both a debtor’s colony and a bulwark against the threat from Spanish Florida. 17331735 The War of the Polish Succession, a general European conflict over who would rule in Poland, leads to more Russian influence in that Eastern European country. 1739 The War of Jenkins’ Ear erupts between Britain and Spain. The conflict between the two nations will be subsumed into the larger European conflict known as the War of the Austrian Succession. South Carolina slaves launch the Stono Rebellion, but fail to win their freedom. 17401748 In the War of the Austrian Succession (the Country portion is known as King George’s War, 17441748), much of the fighting takes place in Europe after Frederick II of Prussia’s seizure of the rich Austrian province of Silesia.

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