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Inside the square room, gray concrete flooring meets corrugated tin Burkina Faso Subway Map wainscoting that matches the front of the tasting bar. Behind the oak-topped bar, wine Burkina Faso Subway Map bottles and a vineyard scene are mounted on a curved partition of similar corrugated tin. In fair weather, visitors can sample wine on the patio in front of the tasting room, an ideal spot to enjoy spectacular sunsets.

A transparent windbreak shelters the patio from cool ocean air funneled through a series of notches collectively known as the Templeton Gap in the Santa Lucia Mountains. The breezes moderate temperatures on the hill and in the vineyard, located eight miles northeast. The forty-acre vineyard grows at 1,400 feet elevation and in shallow calcareous soil, conditions that limit vine production to light crops of small grapes with highly concentrated flavors.

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