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2nly. In regard of the pleasure and content that the United States Map Tourist Attractions exercise of love carries with it, as wee may see in the naturall body. The mouth United States Map Tourist Attractions is at all the paines to receive and mince the foode which serves for the nourishment of all the other partes of the body; yet it hath noe cause to complaine; for first the other partes send backe, by severall passages, a due proportion of the same nourishment, in a better forme for the strengthening and comforting the mouthe. 2ly, the laboure of the mouthe is accompanied with such pleasure and content as farre exceedes the paines it takes.

Soe is it in all the labour of love among Christians. The partie loving, reapes love again, as was showed before, which the soule covetts more then all the wealthe in the world. 3ly. Nothing yieldes more pleasure and content to the soule then when it findes that which it may love fervently; for to love and live beloved is the soule’s paradise both here and in heaven. In the State of wedlock there be many comforts to learne out of the troubles of that Condition; but let such as have tryed the most, say if there be any sweetness in that Condition comparable to the exercise of mutuall love.

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