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The blog concludes with Chapter 14 by Chris Hudson, reflecting upon, and engaging with the content and themes raised through the preceding chapters. Fukuoka emphasizes the complexities of urban spatialities through an analysis of literary representations of the urban condition, drawing on the work of Edward Soja. She comments on new forms of aestheticization discussed by the writers in the collection, and the ways they create possibilities for re-imagining the intersections of economic, social and cultural politics in urban spaces. At the same time she is offering new readings of globalization and a way forward for art and urbanization research.

See South Sea Company. South Sea Company. A British Fukuoka Metro Map trading company founded in 1711 by Robert Harley, which was given a monopoly on trade in Spanish Fukuoka Metro Map South Country in return for assuming part of the government’s debt. A frenzy of speculation in the company’s stock ensued over the period from 17111720, but the company’s profits from its trading ventures did not meet the claims it had made to investors. The South Sea Company collapsed in September 1720, after the level of trade in its stock led to a drastic drop in stock prices. The buildup and subsequent crash of stock prices is known as the South Sea Bubble, which had a disastrous effect on the British economy.

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