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Golf Courses :

Caracas has no public golf courses, the only way to play a round is to have the concierge at a five-star hotel make arrangements for you at a private club. Keep in mind that you must be a handicapped golfer with a membership card from your home club or golf association. Even then, prices are high, and you’re usually limited to weekday play at non-peak hours. Screw the bastards, sleep with their daughters and then head to the Isle of Margarita. They have golf, great Big Game Sportfishing, and maybe some of their other daughters to bang as well.

On the Isle of Margarita is the brand new 5 Star Hesperia Isia Casino and Beach Resort. The course has 18 holes with a Par 70, Pro-shop and bar. The hotel has a total of 312 spacious deluxe rooms.

Casinos :

On the Isle of Margarita is the brand new 5 Star Hesperia Isla Casino and Beach Resort. It is located just 30 minutes from the airport and offers shuttle transport into the town of Porlamar. This is a complete island resort, with activities including Windsurfing, Scuba diving, Sailing, Jet-skiing, Water-skiing, and a Gym on site.

Ocean Fishing :

Venezuela is one of the most frequented destinations for Big Game Sport Fishing in the world. This activity may be practiced all through the year, and it represents a great challenge for every fishing aficionado. Expect an abundance of species such as Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sail Fish, Wahoo, Tuna, Barracuda, making this area a true fisherman’s paradise. Fishing zones are only a 30 minutes off shore cruising at normal speed.

“El Placer” ( the pleasure) is a sport fishing paradise. This superb fishing area is approximately 40 miles off the Venezuelan coast. Here the underwater formations give shelter to the little fish, which attract the bigger fish, which in turn attract the really big trophy fish. Here’s a highly recommended crew with a great track record.

If you’re planning fishing from Caracas, stay at the Hotel Ole Caribe. This brand new 5-star hotel is convenient to Caracas International Airport and Caraballeda Marina, where your fishing boat is waiting for you. Located in the best and most privileged area of Macuto, in front of the Caribbean Sea, at 15 min. from the International Airport of Maiquetia and at 40 min. from Caracas. $120 for 2 a night.

The fishing from the Isle of Margarita is just 18 miles offshore. Average daily charter rate is around $ 500 for 5 people. The best seasons for fishing are Jan-early April. Margarita is also a “DUTY FREE ZONE” so some things with traditionally high taxes are very low priced. In other words, expect to get bloody shitfaced for pennies. For example, a case of 36 Polar beers is $ 3 a 750 ml. bottle of Cacique rum costs $2. Together with a 2 liter bottle of Coke at under 60 cents, ice for 75 cents, and you could have a quite a party for $10. A $ 20 party could put you in black out zone. Add in a $ 40 escort or three and you have a complete family pack evening for a song. Venezuela lays claim to some of the best freshwater fishing in the world. Peacock bass, piranha, tarpon, giant catfish, payara, aymara to name a few. Payara are big fanged monster looking predators that congregate in swirling rushing currents below falls and rapids in South America’s tropical, fast water rivers. Using their great hunting speed and power, payara strike a bait with amazing force and immediately take-off on peeling, breathtaking runs punctuated by wild, acrobatic leaps. If you want some World Class fishing experiences, you’ll find them here in Venezuela.

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Here’s a few links with all the info to chase these freshwater beasts on a fishing tour of the Amazon jungle. ( (

Mountain Climbing :

Most serious trekkers head up to the Venezuelan Andes, which stretches some 250 miles from Tachira on the Colombian border northeastwards. It offers everything from snow-capped peaks to lush rainforests. The most popular area for mountain trekking and rock climbing is the Sierra Nevada de Merida, where several of the country’s highest peaks (such as the Pico Bolivar or the Pico Humboldt) and the magnificent Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada are located. Experienced guides, who are strongly recommended for mountaineering, and equipment can be hired in Merida, the regional tourist hub.

Other popular trekking destinations in the area include Los Nevados, (reached via an easy trek along a beautiful mountain track); Pico El Aguila (accessible from Valera, which can be reached on a bus ride from Merida along Venezuela’s highest road); and the Sierra de la Culata (particularly known for its desert-like landscapes). The Merida region is also noted for its cable car (teleferico), the world’s longest and highest, which runs for 12.6km (7.9 miles) from Merida to the top of Pico Espejo (4765m/l 5,629ft), and provides easy access to starting points for mountain treks. Another popular trekking destination is Guyana, in the southeast, a region dotted with Venezuela’s characteristic tepuis (flat-topped mountains with vertical flanks) and home to the country’s most famous natural attraction – Angel Falls (called Salto Angel in Spanish), the world’s highest waterfall (with an uninterrupted drop of 807m/2647ft, which is about 16 times the height of Niagara Falls). Access to the falls is fairly difficult (there is no road link) and involves a flight to Canaima (the main tourist base, some 50km/31.5 miles northwest of the falls), followed by either another scenic flight in a light aircraft, or a motorized canoe trip to the foot of Angel Falls (which only operates from June to November, the rainy season, and takes approximately two days).

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