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Each of these groups conduct investigations under controlled environments to accurately identify suspect paranormal evidence from natural sources. Each actively attempt to debunk/disprove suspect paranormal evidence and are serious in their efforts to help those in distress. None of the groups charge for their services.

We are very pleased to have worked with these reputable teams during the investigation phase of our stories. Let us briefly introduce them to you. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Hauntings Paranormal Research Society Founder: Lorena Wygant

This team was recently formed in Michigan, but each member has extensive experience in the paranormal. Lorena has spent much of her life investigating the unknown and was a member of a TAPS affiliate while in Nevada. She has studied the paranormal from several well-known people including Lloyd Auerbach. Her co-founder Dawn has spent over fifteen years researching the unknown. They work with a highly experienced team.

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