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When it comes to spreading the word of your upcoming nuptials, your stationery sets the tone and gives your nearest and dearest the first clue as to what to expect on your big day. In this digital age, we’ve got used to editing online photo albums and customising our social media pages, so when it comes to the most important status update of your life, it makes sense to have full creative control.

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That’s where PaperShaker comes in. From the makers of PhotoBox, it’s a full-service website for creating bespoke announcement cards and wedding invitations. With a vast array of stylish designs to suit all tastes, cards are printed on high quality paper and finished using professional techniques for a glamorous, polished look.Unlike traditional methods, PaperShaker allows you to design invitations that truly reflect you and your groom’s personalities. And creating your wedding stationery couldn’t be easier.

You just log on to and choose from over 1,000 different designs, or upload a swoon-worthy photo of your and your beloved. You can tweak your creation and play with everything from backgrounds to fonts and illustrations until you are 100 per cent happy with it. And if you want to see a hard copy before you start the printrun, you can order one from just £3.Forget expensive traditional wedding stationers – it’s 2014! – and be your own master of print with the brilliant PaperShaker. TOP TIPSWHEN it comes to choosing the right design, go with your heart.

Select a pattern and colours that make you feel happyand don’t worry about sticking totraditional formats. Try a few diferent looks then run them past your other half – this is just the frst of many joint decisions! Brides readers are invited to design a card on the PaperShaker website and enter it into our exclusive competi-tion. The winner gets a complete set of wedding stationery FREE! To enter, send a screengrab of your PaperShaker design to *T&C’s apply

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