The Best Hill Walks in Britain

Beautiful Britain! It truly is a stunning part of the world, rich with greenery, history, and culture, and there are many trails out there that will help immerse you in the beauty of nature. You may love the lights, sounds, and energy of the city, but there is nothing like getting outside to experience the richness of Britain’s scenic land. So get some walking boots out, get your waterproof jacket ready, and your body ready to explore some of the most fantastic walking spots in the area.

Where are the best walking trails?

Walking trail #1: The Lake District

The Ambleside area is a great place to start here. One of the most popular walks is the stroll up to the waterfall of Stock Ghyll Force. From there, you can hike across the top of Wansfell, which will give you one of the most breath taking views out there! It’s about a four hour walk that totals around six miles.

Walking trail #2: Hastings Circular, East Sussex

This trail is known for its stunning coastal views! It is 5.9 miles and will take the average personapproximately two and a half hours. It starts out with a leisurely stroll through Hastings Old Town, then along the seafront. Walking along the cliff-top offers some steep inclines and incredible views. There are signs along the way to lead you along, with a bit of a history lesson along the way. It’s a truly gorgeous walk!

Walking trail #3: Mount Snowdon, Snowdonia

One of the most famous walks in Britain, climbing Mount Snowdon is not for the faint hearted and may require some training beforehand. Expect a walk that’s between 6 and 7 hours and once you make it up to the top you’ll find some truly breathtaking views. Since it’s the highest peak in Wales make sure you’re properly equipped for any weather.

What gear will you need?

The right jacket: When you’re out there in the great outdoors, the weather can be a bit unpredictable. Britain is known to have its share of rain, so head outdoors with a light, waterproof jacket. You want to be sure that you have something that is heavy enough to keep you warm, but not something that is going to retain your body heat too much to make you feel hot, sweaty, or uncomfortable. Try brands such as Rab and The North Face who sell waterproof jackets at mid-range prices. The Rab Spark Jacket is one of our favourites and you can get it from

The right shoes: A great walk is only good when your feet are comfortable. Wear a good pair of walking shoes or for trails that are a bit more strenuous or inclined, get a high quality pair of walking boots that will support not only your feet, but your ankles and calf muscles. There is nothing worse than heading out for a walk to be left with aching or blistered feet! Top brands include Keen and Meindl who also make walking shoes for easier walks.

Now you have a few trails and the basic gear information you need to get walking. Grab some trail maps, pack water and a few snacks in your bag, and get out there! The beauty of Britain is waiting!

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