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Traditional dancing

Swimming is practised by nearly all tourists, since the sea around Cyprus with its extensive beaches offers excellent opportunities for swimming and sunbathing. On every beach red buoys indicate the swimmer’s areas, where speed boats are not allowed to enter.

In Cyprus there are 56 beaches awarded the Blue Flag. The Blue Flag is annually awarded to Beaches that comply with a list of criteria ranging from water quality to environmental education and information to beach area management and safety. (see Beaches with Blue Flag on the maps.)

Other sea sports. A full range of water sports like water-skiing, windsurfing, sailing, canoing, pedalling, parascending, yachting, etc. is offered by sea-sport centers in coastal town and resorts as well as by the major hotels.

Ski can be enjoyed only on the Troodos mountains in the period between January and March.

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Aviation Sports. The Cyprus Aero Club offers opportunities with the necessary aircraft and ground facilities for such air sports as power flying, gliding, parachute jumping, hand-gliding and aeromodelling.

Folk dancing and music performances take place during local festivals and Cyprus evenings in restaurants and hotels. Special folk dancing schools can be found all over Cyprus.

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There are numerous individual restaurants to satisfy all demands and peculiar tastes. Some provide meals for those who prefer their food as close to home as possible, while others provide excellent local dishes.

Self service at the restaurant of a hotel

Some favourite Greek dishes are enumerated below all of which are presented on the menus with an English, French or German translation.

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Cyprus mezedes is a collection of hot and cold appetisers which is served in small dishes and can be a meal on its own. Normally one starts with taramosalata (fish roe paste), talatouri (yoghurt and cucumber), tachinosalata (sesame seed paste), hummous (chick-peas-olive oil and hot spices), halloumi (local cheese), normally fried smoked sausages, skewered lamb, sheftalia (barbecued mince-meats), dishes including sometimes snails, octopus in red wine and other fish specialities. Foreigners are fascinated by this collection of appetisers since they always find something new, tasty, exciting and definitely Cypriot.

However, for those who would not like to taste mezedes, though at least for once they are recommended, there are numerous other dishes which they can try.

Moussaka. Made of eggplants (aubergines), sliced potatoes, finely minced beef or pork and cream sauce is a favourite cypriot dish.

Cyprus “mezedes” (hot and cold appetisers with special dishes)

Pastitso which is macaroni baked in the oven with bechamel sauce is a speciality of many Cypriot women, particularly in the countryside.

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Koupepia made of stuffed vine leaves is quite often served in restaurants.

Afelia (fried pork pieces with coriander), stifado (braised beef and onions), Yiouvarlakia and avgolemono (meat ball soup), Ravioles (boiled cheese-filled pasta), Kanellonia (meat filled pancakes), Kolokythakia yemista (stuffed zucchini), Yemista (stuffed vegetables), are special Cypriot dishes in both restaurants as well at home.

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