There are two general categories of casinos in operation in the United States: commercial casinos and tribal casinos.

According to the American Gaming Association (, there were 510 commercial casinos and 474 tribal casinos operating in 39 states at year-end 2015.

Combined, commercial and tribal casinos produce $63.5 billion in annual gross gaming revenue. Casino patrons spend an additional $14.4 billion during casino trips.

According to Gaming & Leisure, based on data from Jay Sarno & Associates (, revenue for commercial casinos was $34.61 billion in 2015, a 5.0% increase from the prior year.

Jay Sarno & Associates projects commercial casino gross gaming revenue will increase 1% to 3% in 2016.

“While the nation experienced 5% growth for 2015, the latter part of 2015 had slower growth compared to growth in late 2014, when the upswing started. As of early 2016, the drivers for the casino gaming industry – employment, income and gas prices – are in a favorable position. That said, the 5% growth for 2015 might be somewhat unrealistic to achieve in 2016.”

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Jay Sarno, President Jay Sarno & Associates Gaming & Leisure, 6/16

According to Casino City’s Indian Gaming Industry Report, 2016 Edition, by Alan P. Meister, Ph.D. of Nathan Associates (, Native-American casinos in the Top Five states generated 62% of total gaming revenue in 2014. Total Tribal gaming revenues was $28.86 billion in 2014.

Ttribal gaming revenue in the Top Five states was as follows (change from previous year in parenthesis):

California: $7.32 billion (4.2%)

Oklahoma: $3.95 billion (4.6%)

Washington: $2.34 billion (2.5%)

Florida: $2.38 billion (1.7%)

Arizona: $1.82 billion (0.6%)

According to the American Gaming Association, the following percentages of casino patrons engage in various non-gaming activities:

• Eat at a fine-dining restaurant: 76%

• Visit a bar or club: 65%

• See a show or concert: 62%

• Go shopping: 58%

• Visit a pool, spa, or fitness center: 50%

In the same survey, twice as many people responded that the overall casino experience – dining, shows, and entertainment – is more fun that gambling.

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