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Soja considers the difficulty of imagining cities by turning to the reality of Los Angeles. While Los Angeles is all very real, it is peculiarly resistant to conventional description:

It is difficult to grasp persuasively in a temporal narrative for it generates too many conflicting images, confounding historicization, always seeming to stretch laterally instead of unfolding sequentially it too seems limitless and constantly in motion, never still enough to encompass . too filled with other spaces’ to be informatively described.

Hansard, The Parliamentary History of England, Vol. XVIII Best places to see in Hawaii , 17741777 London: R. Bagshaw, 18121820, 16871. Tobacco Growing 1775 This early account Best places to see in Hawaii details the cultivation of tobacco in the colonies. Though grown in all of the colonies, tobacco was primarily a cash crop exported from Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.

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