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The canoe suddenly responded, shooting us into the shallows, Best places to stay China now broadside to the stream. Trying to swing the nose straight I hit a rock, Best places to stay China the canoe bounced off it and straightened up backwards. Now facing the wrong way, I looked over my shoulder and realised that the river was growing quickly narrower. For some harrowing moments I paddled cautiously, twisting around to see what we were in for. Another bend loomed, I couldn’t manage it in reverse, the movements are back to front. My confidence plummeted and I misjudged it.

“It’s like a portal from the other side.” That’s how Marilyn describes the mirror in a second floor bedroom where she believes the spirits in the home come and go. On several occasions she has seen the apparitions of two women. Marilyn believes one of them is Grandma Pemble, mother-in-law of a past light keeper. There were many other bizarre stories too numerous to recount.

Kat and I believe the more we know about people from the past, the easier it becomes to understand a haunting. With Marilyn’s vast knowledge, the assistance of historian Vel Wheatley, and our own research, we have come to understand the life and hardships of the Seul Choix Point keepers and their families.

The lighthouse was placed into service in 1892 but, because of construction problems, wasn’t completed until 1895. Overall, the tower stands more than 78 feet with 96 steps. Lighthouse keepers needed good legs for the numerous trips up the stairs each day.

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