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The land was granted to the person who had paid the Best places to visit in Hawaii passage, rather than to the person transported. In Maryland, one hundred acres was granted to Best places to visit in Hawaii a settler, with an additional hundred acres for his wife, fifty acres for each of his children, and additional acreage for servants. Headright was intended to encourage settlers to bring their families and servants to increase the viability of the colony. It also encouraged wealthy people to pay for the transport of numerous indentured servants in order to gain title to lands, without necessarily immigrating themselves. Hellfire Club. An exclusive English club that met irregularly from 1746 to around 1763, run by Sir Francis Dashwood.


1 See Hajer, Maarten and Reijndorp, Arnold (2001), In Search of the New Public Domain, Rotterdam: NA Publishers, or Chantal Mouffe’s collective website The Space for Democracy/ The Democracy of Space,

2 John Stanhope was at the time the Chief Minister for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government. The ACT Government has similar powers to state governments when it comes to planning and policy with regards to the built environment. At the time of the SIEV X Memorial, the ACT planning authority was often at odds with the NCA over projects in the public realm.

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