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It might be thought strange that a ‘best church walk The best US cities to visit ‘ should be set in the somewhat unremarkable countryside between Steyning and Worthing. However, this countryside The best US cities to visit contains a number of historic churches that are very different in character, atmosphere and interest; there is no doubt at all that the surrounding scenery, though unspectacular, is most pleasant, with good hillside walking, great views, a long riverside stroll through one of the great river valleys of Sussex, and a beautiful town with which to start and end.

In my view, it has pride of place among the church walks of Sussex, and will be of great interest and enjoyment even if you have no religious inclinations or vowed never to go near a church since your last visit when a funny old man in a white dress poured water all over you. Steyning is a lovely base for your walk. This old town was founded in the eighth century by St Cuthman, an early Celtic Christian who travelled eastwards from Wessex pushing his mother in a handcart. The wheel on the cart broke when Cuthman arrived in the vicinity of what is now Steyning, causing the poor old lady to be thrown to the ground, a sight which provoked much cruel laughter from the nearby haymakers.

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