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1629 George Calvert, Lord Baltimore, a Catholic nobleman, Boston Map Tourist Attractions applies to King Charles I for a piece of Virginia on which to establish a colony. The Boston Map Tourist Attractions king is lukewarm at first, but later agrees, over the objections of Virginians. 1632 Calvert dies, leaving his title and the work of establishing Maryland to his son Cecilius, who is still in his 20s.

The charter of Maryland is not particularly clear concerning the boundaries of the colony; it will take a number of lawsuits to determine those boundaries in coming years. What is made clear, though, is the role that Lord Baltimore will play in the colony. In addition to millions of acres of land, Charles I gives him near-total authority over its settlement and government, naming Calvert as lord proprietor of Maryland.

16331634 The Calvert expedition prepares and leaves for Maryland. The first two ships carry about 130 people, including women, which early Virginia forays had not. Although Calvert does not make his intentions clear, he seems to conceive of Maryland as a haven for England’s persecuted Catholics, as well as a means through which to increase his family’s estate. Cecilius’s younger brother Leonard becomes the first governor. On March 25, 1634, the party lands, erects a gigantic wooden cross, and celebrates Mass.

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