Best Travel Destinations Usa

Best Travel Destinations Usa

Like the Disney Wonder, Castaway Cay in the Bahamas was designed with areas for different age groups, with a beach for adults only; plus one for families; and, an area for teens. Activities include kayaking, snorkeling, parasailing and biking.

On arriving, we disembarked; then, walked over to the family beach area where we walked around, bathed and took in the scenery. On our way back to the ship, my son drew my attention to the biggest ballyhoo that I had ever seen. In fact, I have not seen one so big since. I guess it was a big breed that might be indigenous to the Bahamas.

“Only in the Bahamas!” might be a justifiable acclaim for something. Just as “Disney does it best!” might be used to aptly describe its signature offerings for families in virtually everything that is touched by the Disney magic.

It was, thus, no wonder that we had a great and most enjoyable and memorable time on the Disney Wonder.

No, we did not stay on Castaway; but, made it back home safely to our little island home of Anguilla. The Disney magic has left a visible but indelible, transformational mark on each one of us.

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