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So come along on a quick half-hour tour of early summer in Seneca and take that road less traveled. (Seneca, KS, 04:47 PDT, SX700 1/800s, f5.6 ISO400, southeast end of town near the Nemaha County Co-Op)

Awash in green as far as the eye can see, corn rows stretch back to the trees lining the local river south of the Seneca city limits. Corn is everything from fresh table eating to canned vegetable, biofuels to cattle and livestock feed, and this is what it looks like in all its potential mid-growing season. (Seneca, KS, 05:04 PDT, SX700 1/320 f5.6 ISO200)

A mixed flavoring of cows (okay, fine, two cows and one bull) grazing in the sparkle of the rising sun burning off the morning mists as the clock ticks past seven. (Seneca, KS just outside of town, 05:00 PDT, SX700 1/320s f5.6 ISO320)

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