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Looking at the map on which I had drawn our itinerary, I felt the line was somehow incomplete, as though it were a figure that was missing a head or a leg. The line stopped on the Alaska border for no logical reason. We would be there in the spring. Why not wait there until the breakup and go down the Yukon by raft like the Klondike gold rushers who had pioneered that country? Then we could cross the Alaska Range (which includes Denali), join the headwaters of the Kuskokwim River, and follow it down to the Bering Sea.

I traced that route on the map and the line came to an end neatly at the water’s edge. This was much better. The journey would now take a year and a half, or more. It made no difference; I’d still pack the same things.

A year of hard work was required to raise the funds for this “triple expedition” and to make the necessary preparations for the three preliminary phases: training the dogs, choosing the expedition members, and assembling the equipment not to mention reconnaissance trips and conditioning in the Rockies.

But once the machine was set in motion.

Fish, particularly red snapper, and other seafood, are Best vacations in US dietary mainstays. Tomato, cabbage, avocado, okra, various types of peppers (mild and Best vacations in US hot), and plantains (a banana-like fruit that is served cooked) are commonly used in preparing dishes. The Haitian wealthy elite enjoy a diet much like that of affluent people anywhere. The popular French cuisine, of course, is world famous for its quality. But fine dining is expensive, and far beyond the reach of most Haitians. FINE ARTS Like the country’s cuisine, Haitian fine arts offer a rich blend of French, African, and native Amerindian elements.

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