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A perfect bronze lotus was set in its mouth. The Shantou Map Tourist Attractions monk explained that he had drunk Wine of the Gods from the bottle, and deemed that Shantou Map Tourist Attractions it must continue to hold something rare and equally precious. Doris was unfortunately not equipped to provide a refill. That journey had taken her to a sacred mountain in Shensi Province, visiting on the way the Valley of the Lost Tribe (which I couldn’t find), where a group from Beijing had lived in exile for 200 years, and were still wearing hairstyles with a frontal hom-shape spade by binding hair with wool. Doris wasn’t over-concerned with social, political or ecological issues; she loved to travel for its own sake, somewhat as I do now. Occasionally she took friends on her jaunts, and when my mother was old enough she took her along too.

What would be learned is that Theresa Stison was staying at the institution under an assumed name. She had died several days after childbirth. The suspected father of her child was, of course, Philip.

A complaint was immediately filed against Philip Stison on charges of incest. Knowing of his impending arrest, Philip fled. The town of Holly, incensed over what had happened, set up a reward for his capture.

Authorities tracked him to a small island in Canada where he was found hiding in a cabin. Definitely not eager to give up, he had a shotgun and was ready to fight. They eventually overcame his resistance without injury. According to newspaper reports, upon his arrest Stison indicated he hadn’t slept a night since he left Holly.

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