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From San Juan History 1526 Intrigued by Verrazano’s voyage, Spanish official Lucas San Juan Map Tourist Attractions Vsquez de Ayll³n lands 500 men and women from Hispaniola at the mouth of the Cape Fear River San Juan Map Tourist Attractions . Their provision ship sinks, they choose unhealthy swampland for their colony, and they begin to die of disease at an alarming rate.

Less than a year later, 150 survivors return to the Caribbean. 1540 Hernando de Soto’s entrada, or expedition, passes through the mountains of North Carolina on the way to Tennessee and parts west. The Cherokees entertain and provision the Spaniards with corn while they search fruitlessly for gold for about a month. 1584 A landing party financed by Sir Walter Raleigh, a staunch advocate of colonization with the ear of Queen Elizabeth, comes ashore on Roanoke Island in July. The party of explorers, including the artist John White, remains on or around Roanoke for the next six weeks.

They collect samples of Country flora and fauna and establish friendly trading relations with local Native Countrys. Two Native Countrys, Manteo and Wanchese, return to London with the party, where they become instant celebrities. 15851586 Another Raleigh-sponsored expedition, this one intended to establish a permanent English military presence, arrives at Roanoke in July. After barely surviving the first winter, the colonists return to England.

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